TEDx Conference Colorado Springs

Moderator opening TED Conference
Access Media Group

This was a 9-hour TED conference I was a Production Assistant on in September 2019. I was interning with a production company called Access Media Group. We set-up, filmed, edited and tore down, all in two days, at the Ent Center For The Arts in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I was in charge of hauling equipment back and forth from the trucks into the venue, and right before filming, my boss Chris put me behind Camera 1, and I was then supposed to film each speaker from the shoulders up.

This was my first time behind any camera. What were all these buttons and dials? I didn't know. The event was also being live-streamed to YouTube the same day of filming, so every shot mattered. I was scared at first, but gradually, listening to the director coach me in the sound booth, I fell into a rhythm of following each speaker on and off stage.

Doing this event, I learned how to work hard, how to trust co-workers and superiors, and not to let what I didn't know stunt my best efforts. I'm very grateful for all of the people that gave me a chance, and the experience I gained. The video can be found on my YouTube channel, under the name Noah Blackwood.

Elderly woman with guitar at conference
Man wearing pink suit and mic
Child without jaw at conference with family
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