Valerie + Lester Nuñez Wedding

Married couple kissing in front of flowered arch in neighborhood backyard
The Nuñez Family

This is a wedding a good friend, by the name of Thomas Sargent, asked me to help him film. Valerie and Lester Nuñez had been engaged nine years before they finally tied the knot in 2020. Both Thomas and I had limited experience behind the camera, but before and during the ceremony, we did everything possible to capture whatever special moments we could, despite only having one camera we owned and renting another for the day.

Thankfully, the wedding proceeded without any problems, and we were both surprised by how much we'd been able to do. Doing this event boosted my confidence behind the lens, and taught me a lot about working as a team. The video can be found on Thomas' Facebook page or on his website, Sargent Family Productions.

Flowers and lantern on porch steps
Couple kissing under bride's veil
Bouquet made from decorated paper
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