THIS IS US, "Number One"--Film School Edition

Male actor in foreground in public park
Sound And Shadow Video Production

This is my version of a scene from the NBC drama "THIS IS US". I wanted to try capturing different angles and a different location than the show had done, though the tone of it is still much the same. A friend of mine was gracious enough to lend his acting talents, and my mentor Jeremiah allowed me to film with his RONIN S Gimbal, which helped a lot for some of the more in-motion shots.

This was the first time I'd directed anything. I had also never self-edited a video before, and getting to do so for this provided some necessary hands-on experience. While the original scene is still far more professionally done than mine, I'm very grateful for the lessons I learned. The video can be found on Vimeo, or my YouTube channel, under Noah Blackwood.

Unhappy young man in field
Young man gesturing at grass in front of playground
Young man drinking in field in front of homes
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